Frequently asked questions about our products (don't see your answer ? contact us)

Q : What are the difference between other brands heavy boards and SL airSUP boards ?

A : airSUP SL = Super Light, they are about 30% lighter than other brands with similar sizes (and our XV boards)

airSUP SL (super light) are made with new pre-laminated PVC drop stitch
most other brands are made with regular double layer PVC drop stitch = HEAVY!!

(Drop stitch is the inner part of any inflatable SUP: thousands of stitch fibers connecting the top and bottom layers of the PVC).

airSUP SL models : new pre-laminated PVC drop stitch :
the color top layer is welded to the drop-stitch when the inner core bladder fabric is made in Korea.
the sides, deck pad, fin box etc are glued at the factory in China.

most other brand's models : regular , HEAVY double layer PVC drop stitch :
drop-stitch inner core bladder fabric is mostly made in China
the color top layer, sides, deck pad, fin box etc are glued to the inner core at the factory in China.

some brands may be a little more resistant to scratches on the top and bottom because they have a little thicker PVC (= HEAVY!!).
airSUP SL and most other brands have the same side construction and thickness.
SL are now more popular because they are much lighter and are almost as rigid as other brand's heavy boards.
and while SL boards can be used for white water SUP, other heavy brand boards may be better suited for this.

For regular river / lake cruising and fishing and of course surfing, the airSUP SL models are much better.
(also being 30% lighter, they are MUCH easier to transport!)


Q : What size are the airSUP boards ?

A : We have these models for summer this year :

81SL (8'1" x 32" x 4")  = 246 x 81 x 10 cm

810SL (8'10" x 32" x 4")  = 269 x 81 x 10 cm

96SL2 (9'6" x 32" x 4")  = 290 x 81 x 10 cm

100SL2 (10' x 32" x 6")  = 305 x 81 x 15 cm

126SL (12'6 x 30" x 6")  = 380 x 76 x 15 cm


Q : What is the max rider weight for airSUP boards ?

A : Our recommended rider weight : note: because of the high pressure, max weight maybe a little more than regular paddle boards with similar volume,
(board volume approx 150L) , board weight = 12.5lbs (5.7Kg~), max rider = 195lbs (90Kg)
810SL (board volume approx 160L), board weight = 17.5lbs (8Kg), max rider =  200lbs (100Kg)
96SL2 (board volume approx 190L), board weight = 16.5lbs (7.5Kg), max rider =  240lbs (110Kg)
100SL2 (board volume approx 300L), board weight = 19lbs (8.8Kg), max rider = 400lbs (180Kg)
126SL (board volume approx 300L), board weight = 19lbs (8.8Kg), max rider = 400lbs (180Kg)


Q : How long does it take to pump the airSUP board?

A : With the included high pressure hand pump, to pump the board up to the recommended 15psi (1bar) takes about 5 mins
so from the backpack to on the water is about 10mins!


Q : Where can I buy / try airSUP products?

A: We currently have test locations in Denver, California, Sydney (Australia) , and many places around Japan.
contact us for details if you would like to take a test ride, or retail our SUP in your store!


Q : What payment methods do you take ?

A : For online orders we can accept : Credit Card, Bank payment, Check and also Paypal


Q : How compact is the board when stored ?

A : We have some videos on YouTube, take a look at this


Q : Does the board bend when riding ?

A : When pumped up to the recommended 15psi pressure, the board gets very rigid so will not bend much,

our 4" (10cm) boards : approx 240lbs (110Kg) rider can enjoy airSUP on flat water or under 200lbs (90Kg) for surfing !
(check this video on YouTube)

our 6" (15cm) boards : upto 400lbs (180Kg) rider can enjoy airSUP on flat water or under 280lbs (130Kg) for surfing !
(check this video on YouTube)


Q : Where do you have airSUP in stock ?

A : selected products are available in Australia, USA and Japan - more so during the summer months
we also keep stock in our central Asian warehouse year round (contact us for details)


Q : What's included with the airSUP board package ?

A : Standard airSUP board package includes : airSUP Board with full EVA deck pad, 8" Removable Center Fin, Hand Pump, Carry Bag (paddle, leash cord and life jackets are sold separately) Total package weight is approx. 13Kg
some models may come with a leash cord in the package, please see each board's details as listed, or contact us.


Q : Are airSUP boards suitable for beginners ?

A : all airSUP boards are designed for both beginners and advanced: being 32" (81cm) wide they are very stable in the water, however as you advance in SUP you will not be let down by the boards performance !


Q : Are airSUP boards suitable for surfing small to medium waves?

A: Absolutely yes! all models have been designed from the ground up for beginners surfing small waves up to about 2 foot (1/2 meter). Although the 96SL2 is an inflatable board it will surf very well in larger over-head waves with an experienced rider under 180lbs (80Kg). Being a little shorter and lighter, the 96SL2 are easier to maneuver for lighter riders compared to the longer 100SL2. For the more "well rounded" SUP rider we recommend the 100SL2, at 6" thick it will support an adult under 280lbs (130Kg) for surfing !
If you are looking for a board mostly for flat water and small waves, we can also recommend the longer 126SL airSUP (it takes a bit more skill to maneuver this larger board on the wave, but it can catch even the smallest of waves easily)
Advanced riders will enjoy surfing with the 81SL - or the 810SL both are perfect for the SUP surfing traveler!

Our entry board is now the 96SL2. This board surfs well, is super stable and is great for rivers and lakes too. If you are looking for a low price entry board this could be for you.


Q : Do airSUP boards have a warranty ?

A : Yes, boards are covered by 12 months warranty against PVC fabric de-lamination. The layers of the board should not separate under normal surf / ride use and the boards are designed to be very tough...
However sharp objects such as a reef or knife could puncture the core, avoid contacting the fin with hard objects / surfaces, and do not over inflate / leave in direct sunlight out of the water at high pressure for extended periods.
Always wash with fresh water and store in the included carry bag, contact us if you need product support or want more details.


Q : Can I use airSUP board as a tender for my yacht or boat ?

A : Yes, airSUP boards are excellent for this purpose because they are so compact when deflated, and can be stowed easily !


Q : How can I tighten the handle on my 3 Piece Aluminum Paddle?

A : The clamp on your airSUP Adjustable 3 Piece Aluminum Paddle can be adjusted if required. To do this you can open the clamp, then turn the screw using a screw driver, 1 penny coin or your finger!


Q : Under the valve on my airSUP paddle board there is a bulge, is this normal?

A : Yes, this is normal The bulge is due to the void created by the valve in the drop stitch construction of inflatable sup.
Inflatable sup are basically 2 parallel surfaces held together by thousands of nylon threads,
when the valve hole is cut, this creates a void not connected by the threads, therefore on the opposite side of the valve will be a bulge in the surface.


Q : Is an airSUP board a life saving device ? (can I use it as a life raft?)

A : No, and if you can not swim, DO NOT enter the water. airSUP is NOT designed as a life raft or life saving device and should never be used as such.
in larger surf and when touring or fishing 300 yards (300 meters) away from shore we always recommend a suitable life jacket (check you local regulations)


Q : I represent a retail store and or SUP brand, can we buy your products to resell / include with our SUP package ?

A : Yes, we are the manufacturer of all products and accessories we sell :
brands we own / make : "airSUP®" , "AIR7®" , "ClickFins®" and "saruSURF®"
we have price models to suit all sizes of business re-sellers from a single retail store to international SUP brand contact us with your sales inquiry


Q : Isn't "airSUP" a generic term like "snowboard" ?

A : airSUP is an international trademark of ST Global Inc, so as other brands can not call their cola "coca-cola", other paddle board companies can not call their boards "airSUP".
Beware of inferior products ! Hands down, genuine airSUP are the best portable / inflatable paddle boards in the world, designed by paddle boarders for paddle boarding! contact us to find out where you can try for yourself!

note: "AIR7®" , "ClickFins®" and "saruSURF®" are also registered trademarks of ST Global Inc. (the owner of this website).