About airSUP®

The airSUP® story started back in 2010.
Originally we started out selling regular "hard type" 9 and 10 foot stand up paddle boards for the Japan market.
Soon it became apprent that transporting and storing even a 9 foot regular SUP was a big problem in Japan where the average car is smaller than a mini, and the average home is a small 2 bedroom apartment...

Enter : the inflatable stand up paddle board - airSUP® !

Initially our inflatable SUP were similar to others on the market : ugly (almost) rectangle shape boards with a maximum pressure of about 10psi they were quite floppy, coupled with small rubber fins that bend over easily and created a lot of drag - we knew this was not the future of portable SUP and something had to be done...

Over the next few years we created something much better !

First in 2010 we created the world's first inflatable SUP boards with fully adjustable and removable real fins !
Currently all airSUP® brand SUP feature a US style fin box : the "air7® box", capable of taking almost any US box fin. Our 8" fin is perfect for surfing small SUP waves and a larger 10" fin can be used for flat water paddle.
From the end of 2010 all our SUP had a more regular surf shape, no longer looking like a giant tire like some brands still do...
In 2011 we made more improvements on our SUP shape and fin system, and we started sales in Australia.
Early 2012 all our inflatable SUP were made of much stronger PVC materials making all boards capable of a much stiffer 15psi pressure.
From 2013 we offer models in both 4" and 6" thickness - for the more rounded SUP riders.

We are seeking retailers for our brands:

If your store is interested in selling our brands "airSUP®" , "AIR7®" , "ClickFins®" and "saruSURF®" , contact us for info (click here)


We now export airSUP® products to every country !

To all of you, from all of us at airSUP® brand - Thank you for dropping by!




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